RE 902V Anesthesia System

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Portable Veterinary Anesthesia Machine-Complete Anesthesia System

The newest and most improved veterinary anesthesia machine. It comes with a vaporizer of your choice: Isoflurane or sevoflurane.

I. Introduction to the RE902-C(vet) veterinary anesthesia machine

The RE902-C(v) veterinary anesthesia machine( circle and compact ) has a full anesthesia function. It is very small and portable. Additionally, there is a compact and built-in CO2 circle absorber system within the machine.

The tidal volume of RE902-C(vet) veterinary anesthesia machine is from 20ml to 1500ml, which can be used for 1kg animal to 100kg animals. It can be used universally at veterinary hospitals, animal labs and animal research institutes, and especially outside of the clinic while working with animals. RE903-C(v) veterinary anesthesia machine has many advantages for the anesthesiologist and anesthesia operation projects:

1).The machine improves the medical equipment level of medical organizations and improves the general capacity of the veterinary hospital.

2).The machine can reduce the labor of the anesthesiologist.

3).The machine is easily operated, which will reduce risks.

4).It is easy for the doctor to control the machine.

5).The circle and compact working mode will reduce the contamination of operating rooms.

II. The advantages of RE902-C(v) veterinary anesthesia machine:

It is available for operating in different medical locations. The machine has four soft feet on the bottom to increase the stability of the machine.

The construction is very compact and nice looking, which is ideal for small working spaces. The machine has a handle for moving around easily. The machine is very stable.

Has special and compact CO2 circle absorber, it will supply the stable anesthesia gas and save the anesthesia gas usage and keep the operating room clean.

Two tubes flowmeter, O2 and N2O,Adjust O2 and N2O in proportion(O2 concentration is not lower than 25%),The Min. scale is 100ml, The precision is high which is available for low flow anesthesia operation. At the same time, it can be used for reducing the pain function.

This machine comes with an O2 Flush function, special inspiration valve and expiration valve.

Has APL valve, which will protect the patient from high pressure damage.

The machine has built-in CO2 absorber, which has a window to check the sodalime situation. And it is easy for the doctor to change the sodalime.

III. The technical specification of RE902-C(v)veterinary anesthesia machine:

1).Ventilation method: closed, half-closed, half-open

2).Tidal volume( Manual Mode): 20ml-1500ml

3). Work pressure: 0.3---0.4Mpa

4).Flow meter: O2:0.1---10l/min N2O: 0.1---10l/min

5).APL valve: 0.5---6.0Kpa

6).O2 Flush: 30-60L/min


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