Portable X-Ray Machine PX10V

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The unit is shock-proof,ray-proof,single-focus and self-rectified X-ray unit. It applies to medical fluoroscopy and radiograph on mouth,carity bone,heat,skull as well ascontraceptive ring.



1) Maximum rating:
     For fluoroscopy: 75kVp 3-5mA(uncontinuous use)
     For radiography: 75kVp 10mA 6sec.(interval time 3 minutes)(Routine fluoroscopy condition: 65kVp 3mA)

2) Power Supply: AC 220V,50Hz,1kVA

3) Power Sypply Current: 
     For fluoroscopy: 2A(uncontinuous)
     For radiography: 6A(instantcaeous)

4) Size of screen: 203mm*254mm

5) Range of movement: Up-down: 220mm; Left-right: 130mm;
     Tube turning angle: Vertical:360 degree;Horizontal:320 degree.

6) Dimension: 50mm*31mm*18mm
     Weight: 25kg.


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