Portable Veterinary Full-automatic Dry Chemistry Analyzer

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Chemagic-V is an amazing veterinary chemistry analyzer for animal health diagnostics, with precision reference laboratory quality results by only two drops of whole blood, serum or plasma.

Full-automatic, easy operation, reduce training time on usage
Accurate testing result with wet chemistry principle
0.1cc whole blood, serum, plasma
Single test up to 15 parameters
Quick test diagnosis in 12 minutes
Compact size with on-site diagnosis
Build-in intelligent quality control system
LIS socket to competent with other management systems

Veterinary Reagent Disc Type:
1) 14 Comprehensive Diagnostic Parameters: K+, Na, ALT, ALB, ALP, AMY, TBIL, GLU, GGT, CHE, CREA, TP, UA, UREA, GLOB
2) 13 Health Check Parameters:ALT,ALB, AST, AMY, CA, CREA, GLU, TBIL, CK,TG,UREA, PHOS, TP, GLOB
3) 10 Emergency and Severe Disease Parameters:K, Na, Cl,TCO2, ALT, AMY, GLU, UREA, CREA, CHE
4) 9 Liver Function Parameters:ALT, AST, ALB, ALP, TBA, TBIL, GGT, TC, TP
5) 8 Kidney Function Parameters:CA, PHOS, TCO2, ALB, GLU, UREA, CREA,UA
6) 6 Pre-anesthesia Test: TP, GLU, CREA, UREA, ALT, ALP
7) 7 Electrolyte Parameters:K+, Na+, Cl, CA, TCO2, Mg, PHOS
8) 9 Pre-operation Test Parameters:ALT, ALP, AST, GLU, UREA, CREA, TP, LDH, CK
9) 11 Birds and crawlers:K+, Na+, CA, PHOS, ALB, AST, CK, TBA, GLU, TP, UA, GLOB*
10) Other reagents: It is workable to customize according to customer's request


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