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AneCompact is a compact veterinary anesthesia machine that is very stable and reliable. It is widely used for pet hospital, veterinary clinic, animal zoo, farm department and so on.


Standard configuration:
Anesthesia machine, one vaporizer, one disposable breath circuit, one reservior bag, one O2 gas source pipeline.

Optional configuration:
Enflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane or Sevoflurane vaporizer
Trolley, wall-mounted arm, shelf for animal monitor.

Respiration mode: Manual mode, open mode, closed mode, semi-open and semi-closed mode
Gas source: O2, quick inlet port
O2 FLUSH: 20L/min~75L /min
Flow meter: O2, 0L/min ~10L/min, adjustable easily 
Airway pressure gauge: -20cmH2O-100cmH20
APL valve (Pop Off valve): adjustable easily, range: 0-60cmH20
Inspiration valve and expiration valve: visible dome- type, ISO standard port, diameter 22mm
Soda lime chamber: 2 Liter, easy to change soda lime within one minute
Bains connector: open breath system, like Bains circuit and Jackson circuit
Anesthesia vaporizer: Enflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane or Sevoflurane vaporizer. Supply selectatec compatible mounting bar, ISO 23mm mounting bar is also compatible. 
Auxiliary gas source output: supply the gas source to anesthesia ventilator
Three methods: tabletop, trolley or wall-mounted type (trolley and wall-amounted type is optional)


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