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The iuStar100Vet BW is a lightweight, hand-carried black and white scanner ideal for a small animal, equine or mixed practice.  The only portable system in the globe that can connect 3 probes at a time.  It offers advanced UniView (speckle reduction) and UniCT (spatial compounding) in standard configuration.  The screen on the system is 15 inches and can be angled up or down, this is a really useful function when scanning at different heights. 

System Overview

  • Application: Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Small parts, Urology, Vascular, Pediatrics, Nerve, & Others
  • Transducer types
    • Curved array transducer
    • Linear array transducer

Imaging modes

  • B-Mode
  • (Tissue Harmonic Imaging & Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging)
  • M-Mode
  • TSI (Tissue Specific Imaging)

Standard features

  • B-Mode
  • (Tissue Harmonic Imaging & Pulse Inversion Harmonic Imaging)
  • M-Mode
  • TSI (Tissue Specific Imaging)
  • B,M,2B,B/M,4B               
  • UniCTTM(Spatial Compound Imaging)
  • UniViewTM(Adaptive Speckle Reduction)
  • iuScanTM (Auto Optimization)
  • Zoom
  • Expand Mode
  • 2 active probe ports
  • 32GB hard drive
  • 2 USB ports
  • Biopsy Guide

Optional features

  • Video & PC printer

Physical Specification

  • Dimension and weight
    • Height:90mm
    • Width: 360mm
    • Depth:360mm
    • Weight: Approx.4.5kg (no peripherals)
  • Monitor
    • 15-inch high resolution LED monitor
    • Resolution: 1024 ×768 
  • Audio speakers Stereo audio speakers
  • Probe port and holder
    • Probe ports: 3 active ports
    • Probe holder:3 probe holder
  • Electrical Power
    • Voltage: 100 - 240V~
    • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
    • Power consumption: Approx. 100VA
    • Circuit breaker: 100 – 240V ~, 2.2A
    • Built-in Lithium battery (optional)
  • Operating Environment
    • Ambient temperature:5 – 40 °C
    • Relative humidity: 35% – 75% (no condensation)
    • Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa – 1060hPa
  • Storage & Transportation Environment
    • Ambient temperature:  -5 – 40 °C
    • Relative humidity: 20% – 80% (no condensation)
    • Atmospheric pressure: 700hPa – 1060hPa

User Interface

Control panel

  • User-centric control panel
  • Backlit keys ensure accurate work in the dark room
  • 8-segment TGC control
  • Full-sized, QWERTY keyboard for text input, function keys and system programming

System boot-up

  • Boot-up from complete shut-down in less than 50 sec
  • Shut-down in less than 3 sec


  • Supports text input and arrow
  • Adjustable text size

Body mark

  • More than 110 body marks for versatile application

Screen information

Common info:

  • United Imaging logo
  • Hospital name,
  • Exam date
  • Exam time
  • Thermal and Mechanical Acoustic Output Indices
  • Gender, Age, ID, Name
  • Focus position
  • Thumbnail
  • Imaging parameters

Imaging Parameters


  • Digital Broadband beamforming
  • 16 channels
  • Image depth up to 31 cm (exam and transducer specific)


  • Depth31cm
  • ZoomFreeze status or real time
  • TGC8-segment TGC control
  • Dynamic range30-120
  • Gain
  • Persistence4 levels (exam and transducer specific)
  • L/R flip and U/D flip
  • Gray Map6 levels (exam and transducer specific)
  • Frequency
  • Colorize map
  • Acoustic Output Indices
  • UniviewTM: Adaptive Speckle Reduction
  • iuScanTM: Auto Optimization
  • UniCTTM:Spatial compound imaging
  • Focus number: Adjustable
  • Focus position: Adjustable
  • Focus spacing: Adjustable
  • Display formats: B, 2B, 4B
  • TSI: General/Fat/Fluid/Muscle
  • Pulse Inversion THI
  • Available on all types of transducer
  • Utilizing pulse inversion technologies to enhance high-resolution harmonic signals, iuStar100BW provides increased contrast and axial resolution, clearer boundaries and better visualization of structures


  • Display formats:  Adjustable
  • Dynamic range
  • Gain
  • M sweep speed
  • Colorize map
  • Gray Map
  • Time mark
  • L/R flip and U/D flip
  • M soften

Thumbnail Image Display

Support Save, Send to USB

Image/cine review

Available in all modes

Cineloop image review340 frame

Frame by frame manual cine loop review or auto playback with variable speed

Imaging Post processing:

B-mode: Gray map, Colorize map, L/R U/D flip, Zoom

M-mode: Gray map, Colorize map

Measurement/Analysis and Report

Generic measurements



Trace Length

Ratio (D)







Heart Rate

Clinical option measurement package

Abdomen, obstetric, gynecology, cardiac, small parts


Specific report template to the application

Editable value in report

Images are selectable

Exam Storage and Management

Exam storage

  • 32GB hard drive
  • Support connecting external storage
  • Direct digital storage of single frame and cine 2D

Exam management

  • Centre workstation dedicated for patient exam management
  • Patient exam query/retrieve
  • Support review of current and past exam
  • New exam, Active exam
  • End exam
  • Export images as JPG/AVI format
  • Support backup/send to USB devices


  • Ethernet Network Connection
  • USB, serial data output (need a converter cable)
  • DICOM 3.0 basic


Linear(L40): L11-4Ds
Application: Vascular, Small parts, Muscleskeletal, Carotid, Nerve, Orthopedic
Number of element: 80
Center frequency: 7.5MHz
Working frequencies: 5 – 10MHz
Convex(R60): C5-2Ds
Application: Abdomen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Kidney, Urology
Number of element: 80
Center frequency: 3.5MHz
Working frequencies: 2 – 5MHz
Endocavity(R13): E10-4Cs
Application: Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology
Number of element: 80
Center frequency: 6.5MHz
Working frequencies: 5 – 9MHz
Micro-convex(R15): C8-5Cc
Application: General small abdomen and cardiac, Equine musculoskeletal and abdomens
Number of element: 80
Center frequency: 6.5MHz
Working frequencies: 5 – 9MHz
Micro-convex(R20): C7-4Cc
Application: Medium large dog abdominal
Number of element: 80
Center frequency: 5.0MHz
Working frequencies: 3 – 7MHz
Linear(L40): L11-4Fc
Application: Equine and bovine reproduction, Equine musculoskeletal, Fish-sexing, egg determination
Number of element: 80
Center frequency: 7.5MHz
Working frequencies: 5 – 10MHz
Linear(L70) L7-4Dc
Application: Equine and bovine reproduction, Equine musculoskeletal, Fish-sexing, egg determination
Number of element: 80
Center frequency: 5.0MHz
Working frequencies: 3 – 7MHz

Peripheral Devices and Accessories (Optional)

Black/white digital video printer


Black/white analog video printer


Graph/text printer

HP Laserjet M1005; HP Laserjet P2035; HP Laserjet P1102

HP Laserjet P1102w; HP Laserjet P1108

HP Laser Jet 1536dnf MFP

HP Deskjet 2050; HP Deskjet D2568; HP Deskjet 1050 J410

HP Deskjet 2520hc

Built-in DVR

Built-in digital video recorder, save space and is a useful tool for education and memory

Max storage length each time: 30 min

System Inputs and Outputs

Video/Audio output

VGA out

S-video out (optional)

Other input/output




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