Electrolyte Analyzer ISE-80PV(I)

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ISE-80PV is a completely automatic Electrolyte Analyzer that implements advanced ion-selective electrode measurement technology to directly measure the concentration of K, Na, Cl, Ca, pH in blood serum, blood plasma, whole blood, and cerebrospinal fluid and dilute urine for cat, dog and other animals. It’s a kind of clinical inspection equipment which is quick, accurate, convenient and practical.


1.Small quantity of samples: The unique Back and Forth double positioning technologies are used to minimize the test sample quantity.
2.Basic Mode: The Analyzer has seven basic analysis modes: Cat, Dog, Rabbit, Monkey, Mouselet, Mouse, Guinea Pig. Can add any other animals’ mode according to user needs.
3.High precision, the analysis results of K, Na, Cl can be accurate to 0.01mmol/L.
4.The whole running process of the equipment is controlled by a computer. Also, automatic electric potential tracking and correcting software are adopted to ensure its stable performance.
5.The machine is free in switching between English and Chinese reports, meeting requirements of different customers.
6.The machine adopts innovative international patent technology such as wave theory flushing method and direct flushing pipe method to avoid block and crossed contamination.
7.The equipment can automatically intake specimen and locate target. It features fast analyzing. It only takes 25 seconds from absorbing the specimen to displaying results. Meanwhile, the built-in printer will print out the result. It’s really quick and convenient.
8.After conducting analysis to specimens, the equipment will automatically flush, keeping the electrode standby in clean status.
9.The equipment is set with quality control correction procedure, and capable of correcting measured data automatically, as well as by the two parameters of pitch and average deviation.
10.The equipment is capable of storing 1000 results.
11.The equipment features power failure protection function. It can still store quality control and specimen data upon power failure. The storing time exceeds 5 years.
12.The equipment can work 24 hours a day. If there is no operation for a long time,the equipment will change into standby state, making it accessible at any time.

13.The equipment can be powered off at any time and greatly save reagent. It is suitable for Clinique.

Test items: K, Na, Cl
Technology implemented for measurement: ion selective electrode
Range and accuracy of measurement:
Range of Measurement
Accuracy of measurement (CV %)
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