Create a Realistic Medical Environment

For more than 25 years, medical schools and training facilities have utilized medical equipment from DRE to create realistic simulation environments. Our wide range of new and refurbished equipment is economically-priced and can fit the budget of nearly any size teaching institution. We provide options at different tiered levels depending on your specific needs.

Common Applications:

  • Biomedical Schools
  • Nursing Skills Labs
  • Continuing Education
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Movies and Television

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Tables - Surgical

Tables - Exam

Lights - Surgical

Simulation Anesthesia Equipment

Lights - Headlights

Respiratory Ventilators

Monitors - Refurbished


Infusion Pumps

Medical Stretchers

Pulse Oximeters (SpO2)

EKG Machines

Enteral Feeding Pumps

Medical Furniture

Pediatric Equipment

Monitors - Fetal

Surgical Light Sources

Types of Refurbishing from DRE

  • Factory New: DRE has a complete line of new equipment that is high quality but very affordable compared with brand name manufacturers.
  • Fully Refurbished:: Ensures equipment meets original manufacturers specifications, has been performance tested, and has been cleaned and touched up to look professional. This level of refurbishing is designed for equipment that is ready to be used in working surgical environments.
  • Refurbished for Simulations: Equipment is refurbished to a level needed for your specific use, leaving out refurbishing elements that may be costly but not impact the desired performance.
  • Cosmetic Refurbished: This equipment is often in as is or non-working condition but has been cleaned and painted to look professional in your environment.