UEM Acquires AcSoft, Inc.

UEM a leading global medical technology linker company, announced today that it has acquired AcSoft, Inc., a privately-held Saas software instrument company known for its ERP expertise(AcSoft, headquartered in Shanghai, China, is a key supplier to UEM' software instrument platform).

Since 2016, UEM and AcSoft have collaborated in the ERP software to enchanted cooperation with the medical market of UEM, which has been very well feedback in hospitals, laboratories, physician offices and clinics.

"Know inventory in real-time is increasingly an integral part of patient healthcare in both developed and developing countries and UEM is committed to expanding in this space," said Wld A. Yu , Chief Operating Officer Manager, UEM. "This acquisition enables UEM to continue to strengthen and grow our medical glocal linker position."

UEM acquired AcSoft for $0.8 million. The transaction is expected to be minimally dilutive for fiscal year 2020, and will not impact UEM's previously communicated 2019 earnings guidance.